The Portrait Project: A Lifetime of Art

As part of the exhibition design process for The Portrait Project, a select group of Boston artists allowed The MCCA Art Program to photograph their painting, drawing or collage and reproduce the image into a high quality reproduction print.

From child artist to Master Artist, each individual featured in this show has reached a significant milestone in their journey as an artist. Nusayabah is only four years old. She is just beginning to grasp how to hold a paint brush and mix primary colors. Perhaps someday she will learn about Arthur Polonsky, considered by many art scholars to be the best Expressionist painter living in Boston.

The Portrait Project is meant to convey our shared experience of growing older and how our sense of self changes and deepens over the course of a lifetime. This exhibit is currently on display at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Artists include

Accomplished Artists: Dan McCole, Paul Goodnight, Janet Monafo and Master Artist Arthur Polonsky

Emerging Artists: Kate True and Percy Fortini-Wright
Self-taught Artists: Maria Schlomann and Ruby Pearl of Boston's Gateway Arts
College Students: Daniel Stone and Massiel Grullon from Montserrat College of Art
Teen Artists: Vasily Luzanau and Pamela from the Boston Mayor's Mural Crew (MMC)
Beginner Artists: Nusayba McAllister and Gabriella Kenney from community organization Dot Art
  • Vasily Luzanau
  • Percy Fortini-Wright
  • Arthur Polonsky
  • Gabriella Kenney
  • Dan McCole
  • Massiel Grullion
  • Pamela
  • Janet Monafo
  • Kate True
  • Daniel Stone
  • Paul Goodnight
  • Ruby Pearl
  • Maria Schlomann
  • Nusayba McAllister