Now You See: A Celebration of Courageous Kids

Currently on display at the BCEC through April 2018

Many survivors of abuse do not tell anyone what is happening to them. They may feel isolated, ashamed, or resigned to endure their situation. Now You See encourages people of all ages to speak and be assured that they are not alone. The exhibit seeks to empower survivors to talk about their experiences and to be proud of their resilience and strength. Most importantly, these photos and words help us all move beyond the silence and secrecy that so often surrounds and enables child abuse.

The Now You See collection is a growing photographic exhibit featuring the eyes of children, adult survivors, and families from Suffolk County who have been affected by sexual and physical abuse and exploitation. Each piece in the series is paired with the words of the survivor. In 2012, “Sara” became the first child photographed for Now You See. Now, as a young adult, she is a speaker at Bravery Celebrations and a role model for others. More than one hundred survivors have been photographed in waiting rooms, courthouses, homes, and hospitals.

Child abuse is often hidden. And with it, the children themselves. But Now You See honors young survivors by showing you their real eyes and words. It demonstrates that with support, services and safety, children who have suffered abuse can not only survive, but thrive and succeed.
Now You See is presented by Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley, and was created by Jacquelyn Lamont and graphically designed by Mattie DiCola. This project is possible because of the dedication of the staff of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office Child Protection Unit and the Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County. Now You See exists because of the bravery its participants. It is dedicated to survivors of abuse of all ages. For more information and to view the exhibit online, please visit the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office Website: