Irregular Landscapes

Currently on display at the Hynes through February 2017


Toying with time, memory, and language, the artists in Irregular Landscapes blur the line between reality and fiction. What emerges is familiar places tinted by foreign elements. In Joe Wardwell’s work, the layering of abstraction and traditional landscape painting reveals phrases borrowed from rock lyrics. The familiarity of space and song allows the viewer to reminisce and recollect times now past. The viewer can no longer access those spaces that are still extant in memory - a type of nostalgia emerges. Similarly, Sean Downey and Cristi Rinklin borrow from visual narratives that are, at least somewhat, fictional. Rinklin’s landscapes are partially derived from memory and reference images, blurring the actuality of each place while, simultaneously, formulating an altogether alternate reality. Downey takes this a step further, incorporating more formal narrative elements in his work. Each piece, concurrently familiar and unknown, weaves a partial story - similar to beginning a book in the middle.

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