A look at the MGM Springfield casino progress

MGM Springfield is continuing to make progress on its $950-million resort casino in the city’s South End. You can see the progress being made on the 14.5 acres from the highway, or just passing by.

For the hotel and casino podium structures, the steel is still going up and being bolted or welded into place. In the seven-story parking garage, above ground electrical plumbing is taking place, and interior masonry walls are being erected in areas that will house electric wiring along with waterproofing and caulking.

The garage is expected to be done in the spring. Crews are putting up scaffolding and wrapping to prepare for more interior work of the buildings in these winter months. They’re also installing temporary lighting.

The central electric facility core and shell construction is underway. Spray-on fireproofing is expected to begin early next month.

The casino is scheduled to open in September 2018.

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